Cody Loher, also known as “SNARE” began his artistic career originally from the surrounding areas of Baltimore in the mid 2000’s using graffiti as his creative medium. Following his natural passion for street art, he then transitioned into the studio setting in 2014. As the years went on, Cody transitioned into painting in the music industry as a live painter for the EDM scene at events and music festivals along the east coast. During this time, he would throw gallery showcases with his friends out of warehouses since the typical gallery space was not readily accessible to him at that moment of time. In 2018 he moved to Denver, Colorado to contribute his passion and creativity to their art scene. Currently, Cody resides in the remote mountains of Coal Creek Canyon outside Golden, Colorado where he can immerse himself in nature and focuses on his art; using his new found location as an inspirational creative outlet.

“For the past few years I’ve been developing my own style I refer to as “dead but woke.” It incorporates organic elements in nature coming alive from dead/decaying objects. I’ve always had a fascination with dark imagery and I’ve always used art as a way to cope with my mental issues. A lot of my recent work entails splits/dissections being held together by the organic elements. I use these references to showcase the struggles of depression/anxiety. Signs of death and decay forced apart while trying to be held together by nature. The dark imagery I use relating to my mental illnesses while the organic imagery used to show the impact my natural surroundings have on me hold me together when feeling low.”

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